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PID Loop Optimizer - The fast, easy way to the right tuning

Stop guessing at PID tuning numbers. Tune loops quickly, accurately, and easily with ExperTune's award-winning PID Loop Optimizer software. Download tuning results directly to your control system.

  • Eliminate guesswork in controller tuning and loop optimization.
  • Resolve problems with sensors, filtering, tuning, and control valves.
  • Understand process dynamics.
  • Stabilize your plant.
  • Improve quality.

Diagnose instrument and valve issues

PID Loop Optimizer shows you how to reduce control valve wear extending valve life and useful valve service time. Eliminate mechanical issues, such as stiction and hysteresis. The net result is improved control and better valve reliability.

Process models you can trust

To get good tuning, you need good process models. PID Loop Optimizer automatically finds the best model to fit your data. More advanced users may want more control over the process models. PID Loop Optimizer gives you the freedom to make adjustments to models as you see fit.

Detailed reporting tools

  • A summary of all bump-test results
  • Statistical analysis
  • Time-line analysis
  • Before and after charts
  • Performance summary

Eliminate interactions

The key to solving interaction problems is to identify the root cause. PID Loop Optimizer has the tools you need to identify specific root causes.

Support for advanced control

Far beyond basic PID, ExperTune's PID Loop Optimizer also helps to support your advanced control needs.

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