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PlantTriage Biggest Payback Loops

Focus Your Efforts on the Most Important Issues

The "Biggest Payback Loops" shows you where to focus for the greatest economic return. The higher the Average Economic Assessment the greater the benefit to your plant you will achieve by improving the loop.

PlantTriage knows about the technical and the economic importance of each control loop. Using this information, it is able to prioritize the work required in your plant.

When problems start to occur in the plant, the loop name will work its way to the top of the Biggest Payback Loops list. If a new loop suddenly appears on the list, you know that something has changed in the plant, and it is worth investigating right away.

Success Story with Biggest Payback Loops

At Borealis Polymers, in Poorvoo, Finland, PlantTriage improved a system start-up, using Biggest Payback Loops to identify issues. Plant Manager Hannu Luoto said "This was a fantastic start-up."

Read the article from Chemical Processing magazine.

Biggest Payback Loops—Problem Solver

Displays the Top 10 Payback Loops

With the Biggest Payback Loops, PlantTriage looks at your entire plant, and prioritizes all of the control loop problems. The top 10 loops are shown in a web browser interface. Loop ranking includes economic significance, so if 2 loops with different economic importance have the same health, the one worth more bubbles to the top. They can also be scheduled to be emailed daily, weekly, or monthly, so you get the information you need, when you need it.

Like everything else in PlantTriage, the Biggest Payback Loops is being updated all the time. When equipment starts to fail, you can be notified right away.

"I have a PlantTriage report that I check every morning. Overnight, PlantTriage said there was a problem with a repulper valve. Within an hour, there was a sheet break, and the repulper valve stuck fully open, causing a machine shut down. PlantTriage saw that problem before the operators did."
—Maintenance Engineer on a Paper machine

Drill-Down for Instant Diagnosis

Click on any individual loop to drill down for an instant detailed diagnosis of the problem. Apply the integrated PID loop tuning and analysis tools to the loops at the top of the list. This will have the greatest economic impact in your plant.

Learn More About Drill-Down.

Prioritized by Economics

Identifies where the greatest economic gains are possible

Biggest Payback Loops answers this question for plant personnel: "What can I do today that will have the greatest financial impact on my plant?" The ranking in Biggest Payback is determined by a combination of economic and technical factors, selected specifically for your plant.

This window is a starting point for Process Control Technicians or Engineers whose responsibility it is to maintain the plant. These are the loops where they will focus their optimization analysis using the included Advanced PID Tuner.

Biggest Payback Loops uses a combination of technical and economic factors to ensure you are choosing the best priorities for your plant.

The choice of economic factors is completely within your control. This is a routine task during system configuration. Our expert installation team will guide you through this process quickly and efficiently.

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