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Browser-Based Tuning

Tune a Loop in 60 Seconds with PlantTriage

PlantTriage allows you to tune loops directly from your web browser. No special desktop client software is required. You simply click on the loop you want to tune.

With Browser-Based Tuning, you will be tuning loops faster and more efficiently than ever. Browser-based Tuning is fully integrated with all of the other features of PlantTriage, including Active Model Capture Technology(AMCT).

Supports the Entire Tuning Process

Tune Loops Directly from the Browser

Capture Bump Data

View your bump test results directly in a live trend window. Scroll, zoom, and qualify the data yourself, or do it automatically with Active Model Capture Technology. Either way, you can access the raw bump test data, right down to 1-second data, directly from your web browser.

Evaluate the Model

ExperTune has over 20 years' experience evaluating process models. We automatically identify the form of the model, and the quality of the data fit. You can be confident that you have a good understanding of the process dynamics.

Choose a Tuning Method

Choose the tuning method that supports the needs of your process. Do you want the tuning to be:

  • Aggressive?
  • Robust?
  • No Overshoot?
  • Defined Response?

No problem. PlantTriage lets you choose the criteria that best suit the needs of your process.

Identify Tuning Parameters in the Right Units

You need to know the tuning parameters for your controller. PlantTriage supports over 700 industrial control algorithms. It knows about the algorithm, and the units required for P, I, and D values. You do not need to perform any unit conversions.

Detailed Analysis

Complete Browser-Based Analysis

You get a complete set of analysis tools, without ever leaving your browser window. You can even complete process simulations, to decide if the tuning exactly meets your needs.

Robustness Tools: Find the Best Tuning

Find the best tuning for your loops, using the Robustness Plot. This plot lets you graphically adjust the tuning to be more or less aggressive. You can balance the trade-off between fast response and overall stability.

Simulate the New Tuning

You can make sure that you know exactly how the controller will behave with the new tuning. PlantTriage simulates the "before" and "after" response to:

  • Setpoint Changes
  • Disturbance Upsets
  • Process Noise

Eliminate Trial-and-Error. Be confident that you have chosen the right tuning.

Manage and Document Your Work

Keep a record of your tuning

PlantTriage keeps track of all your process models and tuning selections. Everything is kept in a database, accessible via the web browser. Now you can look at process models, tuning changes, and engineering notes on-line, from any computer on your secure company network.

Track Important Events

The AMCT Summary also helps you to track important events for each control loop. Automatically track every tuning change. Track valve repairs, configuration changes, instrument repairs, or any other significant event for every control loop.

Engineering Notes

All control loops are not equal. Your choice of controller tuning depends on the specific application for each loop. With the "Engineer Notes" tool, you can document the specific application information for each control loop. So if you purposely choose a certain tuning strategy, others can see why you did it. This provides documentation, and helps to prevent problems later.

Get a Demonstration of PlantTriage

There is so much to see in PlantTriage. Get a private guided tour. Demo can be accomplished over the web, and takes about 1 hour.

Request a demonstration on-line or Contact ExperTune at +1 (262) 369 7711.


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