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PlantTriage Customized Reporting

PlantTriage can give you exactly the information you need, in exactly the format you want it. With a powerful, customizable, web interface PlantTriage can meet the needs of each individual user. PlantTriage provides customizable reports (discussed here) and dashboards. PlantTriage problem solvers are simply reports that ExperTune has configured for you.

Your Questions Answered — The Right Way

Reports Designed to Meet Your Needs

Get the answers you want, when you want them, the way you want them. PlantTriage® makes it easy. Every person in the company can use their web browser to get the plant performance information they need. You get the specific information that you need for your job.

Reports can be viewed on the web, shared with co-workers, or routinely delivered by email.

Table or Trend

Specify which assessments (KPIs), process variables, and attributes you want listed or trended in the report. For example, to find flow loops with oversized valves, you may want to list all flow loops (an attribute), with an average controller output of less than 5% (assessment), and a flow (process variable) over a certain value.

See the problem solvers for more examples of reports.

Reporting at All Levels

The same reports can be applied across many levels of plant operation, including:

  • Loop
  • Unit
  • Plant
  • Site
  • Corporation

Re-application Is Easy

Use reports created by others. Share your reports. Or adapt a report to your specific needs using web-based report management tools.

Re-use report configurations, such as your favorite list of loops, or a preferred format, such as a collection of the assessments that you find most relevant to your role. And you won't need any database skills to pull this off. Simply select the loops you want to see, and filter them using convenient drop-down menus.

Custom Configuration of Reports

See the problem solvers for examples of pre-configured reports.

More Powerful Filtering

You can filter a report according to any assessment value. For example, if you want to see only flow loops with high sensor noise, you can do this with a few mouse clicks.

You, the user, are in charge with PlantTriage®. You can do all of this from the convenience of your own desktop, using a web browser interface.

  Keep History Indefinitely

No Limits to Plant History

You can extend the time period to keep data trends to be kept indefinitely. You have total control of how long to keep your history of plant data and assessment data.

Extend Hi-Speed Data Capacity

View detailed, high-speed data over long periods of time. Go back in time to investigate specific process conditions, upsets, or changes. PlantTriage uses a proprietary historian that uses very little disk space to store plant data and assessment (KPI) history. While most historians use data compression, PlantTriage does not change the data to compress it, so your data is not compromised.

Integrated Event Tracking

PlantTriage® integrates event information with web-based trending. So you can look at a trend, and see the operational, process, or tuning events that happened in that same time frame. This helps you to make sense out of the data, develop better process understanding, and get to root cause faster.

Get a Demonstration of PlantTriage

There is so much to see in PlantTriage. Get a private guided tour. Demo can be accomplished over the web, and takes about 1 hour.

Request a demonstration on-line or Contact ExperTune at +1 (262) 369 7711.


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