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Enterprise-Wide Support

PlantTriage® Enterprise Edition gives you the tools you need to manage the performance of process plants world-wide. With remote connectivity, and standard assessments for benchmarking, you can get the most out of company assets.

PlantTriage Enterprise Edition includes the complete functionality of PlantTriage® at each plant location.

  Make Better Decisions

Connect your Enterprise

Armed with real-time performance data, management can make better decisions, faster than ever. Some PlantTriage clients are using this data to:

  • Understand which plants have expansion capacity
  • Determine how to allocate capital funding
  • Prioritize work for corporate engineering teams

  Multi-Language Support

Use PlantTriage in any language. PlantTriage now includes multi-language support, including support for character-based languages, such as Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

With PlantTriage Enterprise edition you can view reports from plants around the world, automatically translated to your own language.

  Secure Connections, Approved by I.T.

Your network security must be configured to conform to company I.T. standards. PlantTriage uses Microsoft Web Services, so you have the flexibility and the security to manage connections between the process control layer and the plant or corporate layers.

Enterprise Server Architecture


With PlantTriage Enterprise Edition, you can establish standard metrics and reporting tools across all plants. Corporate engineers and managers can get a clear, consistent view of performance at each plant.

  Benchmark Between Plants

By Benchmarking real-time performance data between plants, you will gain tremendous insight into your operations. Learn which unit operations have the best performance, and which ones need more attention to improve.

  • Find the best performers
  • Establish company-wide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Establish standards for performance
  • Learn how to spot problems early

Side-by-Side Comparisons

Compare data from multiple plants side-by-side on the same reports and trends. Compare similar loops at different plants, so you can see what is "normal" behavior, and which plants have the biggest problems.

You will finally be able to know whether performance is good or bad, compared with other plants. Re-apply the best practices form the plants that are doing well, and you will be able to improve performance at all plants.

  Leverage Company Experts

Imagine what would happen if your best company experts suddenly had 50% more time available to them. With PlantTriage Enterprise Edition, company experts spend less time traveling, and more time improving the plants.

According to one PlantTriage Enterprise customer:
"It allows us to get additional expertise from the outside, to monitor plant performance and bring additional resources to bear on plant problems."
Russell Webb, General Manager, North Bend Plant, Columbian Chemicals Corporation

  Remote Connectivity

With PlantTriage® Enterprise Edition, you can access all of your plant performance data remotely. For example, management and technical experts at corporate offices can easily see relevant real-time performance data from across the entire enterprise.

Right away, you will start saving money on travel expenses. However, an even greater benefit comes from Leveraging Company Experts.

With a single browser log-on, you have access to live, real-time data from every plant in the company.

With PlantTriage Enterprise Edition, real-time data from each plant can be accessed remotely. Data can be shared between plants, or between each plant and corporate offices.

Connect your Enterprise

Your company experts can be leveraged to solve problems immediately. Reduce travel costs and make better use of the experts within your company, using PlantTriage Enterprise.

  Roll-Up and Drill-Down

Connect your Enterprise

Automatically roll-up plant site results into corporate numbers to evaluate progress against company-wide KPIs. Loop results are rolled up as follows:

  • Loop data rolled up into unit results
  • Unit results rolled up into plant results
  • Plant results rolled up to site-level results
  • Site-level results rolled up to corporate-level results

Drill-down from corporate-level graphics and reports, directly down to the individual loop and assessment levels.

All PlantTriage drill-downs are context-sensitive. This means that PlantTriage delivers intuitive, meaningful information with each successive drill-down. You move quickly from high-level information into directly actionable details.

  Create Company-Standard Reports

Create company-standard reports to track and maintain results. By applying standard reports across each site location, you can:

  • Plant data is compared on a common basis.
  • Focus on common KPIs
  • Prioritize work for corporate teams

Company-Standard reports can be created once, then rolled out to each PlantTriage system.

With PlantTriage Enterprise edition, reports can be easily standardized and applied across multiple plants.

Get a Demonstration of PlantTriage

There is so much to see in PlantTriage. Get a private guided tour. Demo can be accomplished over the web, and takes about 1 hour.

Request a demonstration on-line or Contact ExperTune at +1 (262) 369 7711.


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