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Complete List of PlantTriage® Tools

PlantTriage Control Loop Monitoring

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PlantTriage Architecture Information

PlantTriage PID Analysis Tools:

Connect to your Controller

Support for all single loop controllers, PLCs and DCS controllers

Setup wizards make it super easy to connect your DCS or PLC systems.

Tune and analyze data from your plant historian (via OPC HDA)

Supported Controllers

Graphically zoom in, edit, filter, or average your time data.

Manually zoom in and set display ranges on the time data plot.

PID Tuning

PID optimized for load or setpoint changes, from data collected in auto or manual.

Performance Increase: Tells you how much better the response will be with the new settings.

Loop Summary Table summarizes your tuning results

Safety Factor: Adjust the safety factor for the tradeoff between response and robustness you want.

Traditional Lambda tuning rules (including Lambda for level)

Performance Summary Window: Shows all performance indicators in one concise window.

Performance Evaluation One glance at the bar graphs let you easily compare and evaluate the trade-offs in your control loop.

Process Modeling

Process Modeling, up to second order with dead time, including integrators. From open or closed loop data.

Modeling selections Ability to force the model structure. Creates the MPC vector.

Inverse response (shrink-swell) process analysis, modeling, simulation, and tuning.

Process Frequency response, compared to model.

What-if Simulation

Time simulation of setpoint changes or load upsets. What-if analysis of current to new. Try out new values in simulation without effecting the plant.

Time simulation: Comparison of actual to model. See how close the model fits your time data.

Time simulation: Simulated response to noise. Includes valve wear indices.

Robustness: Graphically See the Trade-off of Tight Tuning

Robustness Plot: Trade-off between tight tuning and sensitivity to dead time or gain changes. Dial in the robustness you want, by dragging the robustness line.

Valve Diagnosis

Valve Wear Analysis. Extend valve life. Reduce valve maintenance.

Valve Stiction Wizard: Correct stiction problems to reduce cycling.

Hysteresis check—automatic. Improve control by reducing hysteresis.

Find the Optimal PV filter

PV Filter Analysis. Significantly reduce valve wear. Finds largest possible filter.

Unfilter your PV Remove the effects of a PV filter. See the signal as if it were not filtered.

Tools for Multiple Loops and Interactions

Multi-Variable Loop Analysis: Number of extra trends (to DDE, or OPC). Monitor other variables on the same faceplate or trend.

Multi-Variable Loop Analysis: Add extra loops (to DDE, or OPC). Match variables for modeling, analysis, simulation, tuning, or interactions between loops.

Multi-Variable Loop Analysis: Relative Response Time . Decouple interacting loops and cascades.

Feedforward system design, unique, and robust.

Power Spectral Density. Pinpoint process faults by uncovering hidden cycles.

Auto and cross correlation. Multi-Variable loop analysis. See how loops effect one another.

Level Loops and Integrators

Level Control Wizard helps you optimize your level strategy in all types of vessels.

Integrating loops wizard. Tune and analyze loops with ramping signals.

Time Line Analysis

Time Line:Correcting deficiencies in the time line will improve the performance of the loop.

Linearization Tools

Characterizer—Optimal performance at all production rates. Linearizes your process for optimal performance across the entire range. Hyperbolic characterizers for MPC valve characterization.

Universal Linearizer for pH Loops. pH control with little or no cycling.

Great Set Point and Load Response

Set Point Filter. Great response to both loads and set point changes.


Reporting: Creates full report of your loop analysis in MS Word. Customize your report templates in MS Word.

Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis: Reduce variability to increase product quality and capacity. Statistical Analysis includes valve wear indicators—see how your valve life has improved.

Histogram. Identify problems from normal operating data.

Get a Demonstration of PlantTriage

There is so much to see in PlantTriage. Get a private guided tour. Demo can be accomplished over the web, and takes about 1 hour.

Request a demonstration on-line or Contact ExperTune at +1 (262) 369 7711.


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