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PlantTriage® Operational Assessments

PlantTriage supports real-time operational decision-making. With PlantTriage in place, you can make effective use of all the real-time information that is streaming in from your control system. Certain assessments, such as the Opportunity Gap, give specific economic advice..."If you shift this Setpoint by 3 degrees F, you will save $12,400."

The sections below list some of the specific assessments that can be used to improve operational performance. For more general information about how PlantTriage helps operations, click here.

Opportunity Gap: Real-time Savings Advisor

The Opportunity Gap quantifies the potential for process performance improvement. The greater the Opportunity Gap, the more improvement can be made. When you reduce process variability using PlantTriage® tools, the Opportunity Gap grows. Pay attention to Opportunity Gap on your most important loops, and adjust process setpoints toward process limits. The payback is immediate, significant, and often directly measurable in economic terms.

Opportunity Gap

Number of SP Changes

This is the number of setpoint changes. It is normalized over 1 day. So if you had 5 setpoint changes in an assessment with an assessment time of 4 hours, the Number of Setpoint Changes would be 30.

If the value of this assessment increases over time, then this may indicate operations is having difficulty with this controller. Either the target is wrong or this controller or upstream controller has an unachievable target.

Number of Mode Changes

This is the number of mode changes in 1 day. If the number of mode changes shifts away from the baseline, is there a reason the controller cannot hold the mode, or is there an operator training issue?

Real-Time Savings Advisor

Know exactly how much money can be saved by following PlantTriage advice. With Real-Time Savings Advice, you can be confident that operating changes are being made for the right reasons, and with the right priority.

Operations can now understand the exact amount of daily savings that can be achieved by using real-time performance assessments like the Opportunity Gap. The PlantTriage Real-Time Savings Advisor helps you to prioritize your actions.

Evaluate how fully you are utilizing your control system. Service factor combines assessments of Time in Normal, Time at Limit, and others, to determine of your control system is being used to its fullest potential.

Service Factor

Evaluate how fully you are utilizing your control system. Service factor combines assessments of Time in Normal, Time at Limit, and others, to determine if your control system is being used to its fullest potential.

Service Factor Trends

6-Sigma & Statistical Assessments

PlantTriage® is a great tool to support 6-sigma efforts. You get real-time statistical information, as well as Pp, Ppk, and On-Spec/Off-Spec info.

Process Capability - Pp and Ppk

Real-time process capability assessments let you know how the process is performing. When there is a shift in process capability, you can find out about it immediately, using PlantTriage's Automated Alerts.

Statistical Tools

PlantTriage provides real-time statistical analysis of the process, including:

6-Sigma Tools
  • Average of SP
  • Standard deviation of PV
  • Standard deviation of SP
  • Standard deviation of Error

With an integrated historian, PlantTriage can help you to track & trend process performance over time.

  • Number of controller output changes in manual

Unit Assessments

Tracking plant performance at a higher level helps to relate performance improvements directly to the bottom line. In PlantTriage, you have the ability to track and assess the following high-level performance measures for every unit operation in your plant:

Throughput (Production Rate)

Track overall production rate for each process unit. This information can then be trended with other key assessments within PlantTriage. Determine the root cause of production losses, and find ways to increase production rate.


Enterprise-Wide Improvements

Process quality is often tightly linked top process control performance. With the unit quality assessment, you can track your important on-line quality information, such as percent of time off-spec. With the tools in PlantTriage, you can identify the upstream root-cause parameters that have a direct effect on overall quality.

More info on using PlantTriage for Quality.

Material Cost

Track your overall material cost per ton. Plotting this alongside other PlantTriage assessments to determine the "sweet spot" for operating your process.

Energy Cost

Many PlantTriage tools help to drive a reduction in energy costs. By tracking unit-level energy costs inside PlantTriage, you will be able to show a direct link between process and control improvements and energy savings.

Reliability/Up Time

You can also track Reliability information for each unit. Track and trend this information along with assessments like stiction, valve travel, and sensor spiking, to get a better understanding of root cause issues.

Get a Demonstration of PlantTriage

There is so much to see in PlantTriage. Get a private guided tour. Demo can be accomplished over the web, and takes about 1 hour.

Request a demonstration on-line or Contact ExperTune at +1 (262) 369 7711.


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