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Video Case Study

In 2010, Mondi completed a large plant modernization project called STEP. As equipment came online, Mondi recognized the need for better control system performance, and in 2014 Mondi selected Metsos Control Performance service, was offered through Metso's partner, Tieto. The Control Performance service identifies, prioritizes and tracks control performance issues to their ultimate resolution. The flexible methodology consists of three phases: platform, surge and sustain.

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Mondi Syktyvkar's Success with PlantTriage

Video Case Study

Major improvements to process performance were achieved with PlantTriage. Watch this video to see how Kruger paper reduced new machine start-up curve by months. Whether you are an existing mill, or starting up new equipment, you can learn from Kruger's experience.

Windows Media video, 12 minutes
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Kruger Paper accelerates start-up with PlantTriage

As Pulp and Paper Mills continue to "do more with less", your resources are stretched thinner than ever. You need to find ways to make sure that every part of your plant is performing at its best, 24 hours a day. And you don't have a lot of time to do this. The competition is always tough, and you need to find every possible edge to optimize your business profits.

PlantTriage® Performance Supervision system looks after your thousands of control measurements, 24 hours a day. It ties in to your existing control system to scan the entire process, find the important information, filter it based on your needs, and notify you directly.

How ExperTune and PlantTriage Can Help

Extensive Experience in Pulp & Paper

ExperTune has been improving control loops in the Pulp & Paper industry for nearly 2 decades. ExperTune is widely recognized as the leader in control loop optimization. We understand the specific needs of Pulp & Paper, and our products have been designed to meet some of these very specific needs.

Some examples of our experience are included in Case Studies

Close the Opportunity Gap by driving SP toward the Spec Limit

Variability Reduction

Reducing variability is a sure-fire way to improve the process. When you tighten up control on key variables, you can close the "Opportunity Gap" by moving setpoints closer to their spec limits. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to generate savings in a paper mill. Imagine the money you could save by making even a small adjustment to Basis Weight.

Energy Reduction

Most paper plants that implement PlantTriage software save from 0.5% to 5% on energy costs. Reductions come from tighter control of energy-consuming processes, especially paper machines.

Learn techniques to save energy costs: Watch this Presentation.

Manage Maintenance Costs

One study has reported that 50% of plant maintenance is not necessary, and 10% is actually harmful. How do you know that you are working on the right things?

Using the tools included in PlantTriage and PID Loop Optimizer, you can identify equipment issues, and even measure the extent of the problem. This information can be used to plan maintenance activities. In one plant, this approach resulted in a 60% reduction in planned control valve replacements, saving days of labor, and tens of thousands of dollars.

Cost Savings

When you know where to look, there are plenty of opportunities to save money, increase production rate, and reduce downtime. PlantTriage shows you where to look. For example, the Biggest Payback Loops shows you the top 10 candidates for improving performance in the plant.

Faster Problem Solving

TreeMap plots two assessments together in a meaningful color map.

PlantTriage's Dashboard displays concentrated information so that you can see at a glance exactly what information you want. Because the information is provided in a web browser interface, you can get all this information from your desktop computer. For example, the TreeMap, shown here, is a new, powerful visualization tool that helps focus your attention on the "Hotspots".

In addition, powerful drill-down tools help you make sense out of the data faster than ever before. Imagine being able to identify the biggest improvement opportunity in the plant, and then drill down directly to the root cause. This is the kind of power you get with the PlantTriage Dashboard.

Cross Correlation chart makes it easy to spot interactions

Reduce Process Interactions

A Paper Mill is a highly interacting process. Upsets in one part of the plant have an effect in many other areas. It is often difficult to find the source of intermittent problems in the process, especially when you can only see a small piece of it.

PlantTriage includes powerful visualization tools to help you see exactly where the interactions are coming from. Once you know the source, you can start using the tools within PID Loop Optimizer to eliminate the problem at its source. For more information on these tools, click here.

Gaining Alignment

No matter what your role, you don't run the plant by yourself. Many other people are involved in making decisions that affect production, maintenance, finances, and quality. PlantTriage and PID Tuner provide out-of-the-box reporting tools that help you to make your case. You can even email these reports directly to you, export data to Excel for further analysis or to include in a presentation. This helps everyone to see the problem as clearly as you see it, and makes gaining alignment faster than ever.

Control Loop Optimization

PlantTriage includes a copy of ExperTune PID Tuner/Analyzer, repeatedly recognized by users as the #1 controller tuning software package. This includes tools for PID Tuning, Linearization, and Optimization. Learn more about control loop optimization.

Develop Your Expertise

The way to improve your career is develop yourself. ExperTune's training programs provide a mix of theory and practice to help you to solve problems quickly. Join one of our training sessions or schedule one for your site. Click here for more on training.


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