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TreeMaps Show the Big Picture

Visual Mapping shows how the plant is performing

See the Entire Plant, At a Glance

A TreeMap shows a large amount of data, graphically. In the TreeMap shown at right, you can see the status of over 700 control loops. The loops shown in bright red are the ones that need attention.


At a glance, the TreeMap allows management, engineering, and maintenance to determine how the plant is performing, and where effort is needed for improvement. Focus on the large bright red spots, and you are automatically prioritizing your work.

Drill-Down to Get the Details

Drill Down to Get All the Details

PlantTriage TreeMaps include context-sensitive drill-down. Users can zoom-in on specific plants within the site, and specific unit operations within a plant. Then you can further drill down into specific loops for detailed diagnosis.

PlantTriage uses smart, context-sensitive drill-downs. This means that each click brings you more useful, actionable information.

Drill-down dashboards are completely customizable by the user. So you always get exactly the information that you need to solve problems quickly.


PlantTriage TreeMaps can be customized to give you exactly the information that you want:

  • Choose one variable to control the block size.
  • Choose another to control block color
  • Choose filters to limit what is shown
  • Choose a color scheme to match your needs

The default settings on the treemap, provide an overview of the entire health of the plant. It is a graphical way of viewing the Biggest Payback Loop list for every loop in the plant.

Focus Your Time and Efforts

TreeMaps make it simple to focus time and effort in the right place. When you have a large plant, with hundreds or thousands of controllers, it is absolutely critical that your time and effort are going to the most important issues first.

Continued Innovation

Visual Performance Map supports immediate drill-down

PlantTriage® continues to innovate and lead the industry. TreeMap technology was widely known to the financial sector, and we immediately recognized TreeMapping's ability to visualize process plant performance. We led the way by being the first to market with TreeMapping for plant performance. Now you can view biggest payback, historical performance, and any combination of assessments at a glance.

Operators Oversee Production With a Glance

Priorities for My Area and My Job

A large treemap display in the control room shows the performance of thousands of assets with one glance. Opportunities for improvement pop out as bright red areas in the map. This display, which is updated with live information from the plant control system, allows everyone in the plant to be focused on the same goals.

PlantTriage treemaps show all control system assets spaced on one screen. Each asset is represented by both size and color of a rectangle. The larger the size, the more important the asset. The brighter the color, the more opportunity there is to make improvements. For example, a large, bright red block represents a major opportunity for improvement.

Treemaps clearly show the health of the entire control system with a single glance. Treemaps in the control room focus everyone on the same goals, making it clear to all, where the greatest opportunities are.

PlantTriage treemaps come up in a browser window and are a standard part of the performance monitoring tools available in PlantTriage. Using treemaps, technicians can drill down by clicking on the bright spots. The drill-down produces detailed diagnostics of specific problems with instruments, valves, and controls.

In today's plants, everybody needs to be more efficient when managing assets. Treemaps help to drive efficiency by focusing attention quickly on the biggest opportunities.

Get a Demonstration of PlantTriage

There is so much to see in PlantTriage. Get a private guided tour. Demo can be accomplished over the web, and takes about 1 hour.

Request a demonstration on-line or Contact ExperTune at +1 (262) 369 7711.


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