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Utilities Industry
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Utilities Industry

Industry Challenges

  • Tight margins.
  • Limited capital budgets.
  • Increasing fuel costs.
  • Not enough people.

It is not easy to be in the utilities business. You need to maximize every dollar and every bit of effort to sustain a competitive advantage. How can you do this with your limited resources?

It's All About Focus

With thousands of control loops to look after, you don't have a lot of time to look after each loop individually. There are so many things happening at once that it is hard sort through all the data and set priorities. But it must be done, because margins are slim, and the competition is right on your heels. PlantTriage helps to focus your efforts on the specific issues that need your attention.

How Performance Supervision Helps

Performance Supervision software looks after your thousands of control loops, 24 hours a day. Based on criteria that you have set, the PlantTriage Performance Supervision System scans the entire process, finds the important information, filters it based on your needs, and notifies you directly.

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Modeling, Analysis, and Tuning

Expertise & Training


Works with Advanced Controls

ExperTune Experience in Utilities

ExperTune has been improving control in the Utilities industry for nearly 20 years. Whether you are in a coal-fired power plant, combined-cycle, waste fuel boiler, or water treatment facility, ExperTune has been in your business before. Around the world, hundreds of thousands of control loops have been optimized using our software.

Seeing it All

TreeMap plots two assessments together in a meaningful color map.

PlantTriage's Dashboard displays concentrated information so that you can see at a glance exactly what information you want. Because the information is provided in a web browser interface, you can get all this information from your desktop computer. For example, the TreeMap, shown here, is a new, powerful visualization tool that helps focus your attention on the "Hotspots".

Learn more about the TreeMap

Fully Integrated Modeling, Analysis, and Tuning

Your time is valuable. You shouldn't have to waste time piecing together information from 5 different sources. PlantTriage automatically gathers data, identifies process models, completes assessments, and notifies you of the results. It does all of this during normal process operation, without any interventions or process bumping required from you. The results can be delivered to you as an email, or displayed in your user-customized web browser interface.

For detailed loop analysis, the data is automatically passed, in context, to ExperTune's PID Tuner/Analyzer.

Knowing What to Do About It

PlantTriage tools are designed to make the analysis easy. You will see charts and graphs of the information that is important to you. Whether you are in Maintenance, Operations, Management, or Engineering, PlantTriage can show you exactly what you need to see to make decisions.

And PlantTriage goes far beyond the basic of control. PlantTriage includes tools to help you to optimize:

Tools to help you in your job:

Powerful, award-winning, state-of-the-art control loop analysis tools are included with PlantTriage. Control Engineers have every possible advantage to identify process models, tune control loops, diagnose instrument and valve problems.

Advanced Controls

PlantTriage goes beyond single-loop analysis. Model-predictive Controllers can also be supervised within PlantTriage. At a glance, you can see when and where MPC controllers are constrained, and even receive notifications when the model and process are not tracking closely.

Find out more about using PlantTriage with MPC Controllers

Fixing the Fundamentals

Identify, Diagnose, and Resolve issues while the process is running.

The best APC package in the world is useless if your valves are not performing. ExperTune's experience has been that over 30% of valves in Refinery operations have performance issues. This includes problems with stiction, hysteresis, valve sizing, and slow response. PlantTriage helps to identify when valves are having problems. The included PID Tuner/Analyzer package can help you to troubleshoot and identify exactly what is wrong while the process is running.

Maintaining Security

With its secure web-browser access, PlantTriage keeps end users and their heavy data demands off of the control network. Optional Shadow Server technology can be applied for an even greater measure of security.

Gaining Alignment

No matter what your role, you don't run the refinery by yourself. Many other people are involved in making decisions that affect production, maintenance, finances, and quality. PlantTriage and PID Tuner provide out-of-the-box reporting tools that help you to make your case. You can even email these reports directly to you, export data to Excel for further analysis or to include in a presentation. This helps everyone to see the problem as you see it, and makes gaining alignment faster than ever.

Control Loop Optimization

PlantTriage includes a copy of ExperTune PID Tuner/Analyzer, repeatedly recognized by users as the #1 controller tuning software package. This includes tools for PID Tuning, Linearization, and Optimization. Learn more about control loop optimization.

Expertise & Training

The way to improve your career is develop yourself. ExperTune's training programs provide a mix of theory and practice to help you to solve problems quickly. Join one of our training sessions or schedule one for your site.

Our global network of Training Partners are ready to come on-site to help.

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