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ExperTune Partnering Agents

ExperTune Global Agents

ExperTune's partners are selected for their high level of expertise in process control and optimization. To become a partner, they must also take extensive training and develop hands-on experience with our PlantTriage and PID Loop Optimization software.

Our global partners are experts in their field, and are qualified to perform a variety of services, including:

  • Optimization Services—Practical, applied expertise to increase production rates and reduce costs.
  • Software—Authorized to resell and install Metso ExperTune products.

When you need applied expertise to solve your process control problems, you need an ExperTune Global Agent.

Invensys Schneider Electric is a global partner, providing sales, services, and training all around the world. For more information, visit the Schneider Electric Web Site.


APST Advanced Process Solutions & Technology is an ExperTune Authorized Agent in Korea. For more information, visit



Naizak is ExperTune's partner in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Naizak is a totally customer driven, local services organization, with a deliberate policy of heavy investment in staff of a very high caliber and specialization. For more information, visit the Naizak Company Web Site.


Lyon MacIntyre Lyon MacIntyre Lyon MacIntyre provide Process Automation services to industries in New Zealand and Worldwide. They have the expertise to design, supply, commission, and optimise control systems for your plant. They can help to ensure that your existing controls and plant are working at their very best. For more information, visit
Optimo Group

Optimo Group Inc. is a fully insured consulting company that provides services and products in the field of industrial process automation. These highly specialized services include process variability management, process optimization, process controls optimization, performance assessment, control strategy design and optimization, comprehensive loop tuning, variability studies, advanced controls and training in all facets of automatic process control field. For more information, visit

Zeekon Technology

Zeekon Technology is the only ExperTune- authorized service provider, agent and training support in China. Zeekon Technology offers a range of services and products that are specifically for production management, energy efficiency and safety improvement through DCS control optimization and intelligent operation. For more information, visit


Our mission at Apogee Process Control Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is to walk with our customers as their trusted advisor in their quest to achieve Manufacturing Excellence by providing advanced software solutions and professional consulting services for Process Optimization, Energy Efficiency Management & Optimization, Maximizing Asset Utilization and Optimizing Supply Chain Management.

Visit the Apogee web site

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