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Biggest Payback Loops
focuses personnel on issues which most affect the business

Displays the Top 10 Payback Loops ExperTune's PlantTriage contains a biggest payback list feature that finds the biggest payback issues in your plant. When you have hundreds or thousands of controllers, it can be difficult to set daily priorities. You need a way to combine technical and economic information to make decisions.

PlantTriage's patented approach combines real time performance metrics from across your plant with your specific business situation to deliver a single, overall measure of control performance called Control Loop Health. We then combine the Control Loop Health metric with the economic value of each control loop to come up with a list of the biggest payback loops.

"I have a PlantTriage report that I check every morning. Overnight, PlantTriage said there was a problem with a repulper valve. Within an hour, there was a sheet break, and the repulper valve stuck fully open, causing a machine shut down. PlantTriage saw that problem before the operators did."
—Maintenance Engineer on a Paper machine

Biggest Payback Loop list is shown on the PlantTriage performance dashboard. The Biggest Payback Loop list is color-coded so you know immediately which loops need attention. To get more diagnostics and to see why the loop is not the Biggest Payback Loop list, click on the loop name and you will get a dashboard with more detail about that specific loop.

In this case, PlantTriage has identified service factor issues showing that the valve is at 100% open for much of the time. As always in PlantTriage, click to drill down for more context sensitive diagnostics. Keep clicking to zoom in to real time information, all the way down to the 1 second level if you want to.

A good way to work with the Biggest Payback Loop list is to start at the top and work your way down. Once you solve the problems, those loops will be removed from the biggest payback loops list. When you have equipment, control, or operational problems, new loops will move up to the top of the list. A daily check of the Biggest Payback Loops will keep you pointed in the right direction.

Success Story with Biggest Payback Loops - "Quickest startup in our plant history"

At Borealis Polymers, in Poorvoo, Finland, PlantTriage improved a system start-up, using Biggest Payback Loops to identify issues. Plant Manager Hannu Luoto said "This was a fantastic start-up."

Read the article from Chemical Processing magazine.

Like everything else in PlantTriage, the Biggest Payback Loops is being updated all the time. When equipment starts to fail, you can be notified right away.

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