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Detailed Loop Analysis With ExperTune

Duration: 3 days of hands-on ExperTune training

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Three days of hands-on ExperTune training. Includes case studies of industrial problems and solutions.


Master the techniques of optimizing process loops. Learn how to effectively use ExperTune's PID Tuning and analysis tools in your plant.

Who should attend:

Anyone with a basic knowledge of instrumentation who wishes to use loop analysis and optimization software with PID controllers.


Day 1: Fundamental concepts


  • Control loops
  • Noise, disturbances, load
  • Feedback-Feedforward
  • Control objectives


  • Simple model
  • Types of processes
  • Process flaws
  • Exercises


  • Proportional, integral, derivative, filter
  • Structures of industrial controllers
  • Exercises


  • Intuitive tuning
  • Performance criteria
  • Load change, Setpoint change
  • Tuning: a compromise
  • Traditional tuning methods
  • Natural frequency
  • Importance of time delay
  • Limits of traditional tuning methods
  • Exercises

Day 2: Tuning and analysing a loop using ExperTune

Frequency domain vs. time domain, an introduction

  • Definitions
  • Terminology
  • From the time domain to the frequency domain

ExperTune software

  • Basic principles
  • Acquiring the data
  • Frequency analysis, time series
  • Choice of tuning objectives
  • The tools available
  • Bode plot, how to interpret it
  • Exercises

Data to tune a loop

  • Good data, from a controller output change (Manual)
  • Good data, from a setpoint change (Automatic)
  • Exercises

Tuning control loops using ExperTune

  • PID grid
  • Quality of frequency data
  • Filter
  • Selecting tuning parameters, Safety factor, Lambda value
  • Load rejection and setpoint tuning
  • Tuning comparison with Lambda and Ziegler/Nichols tuning
  • Simulation, response to load change, setpoint change, noise
  • Frequency response
  • Robustness plot
  • Performances: IAE, robustness, valve travel, …
  • Simulator
  • Exercises

Analyzing a control loop using ExperTune

  • Hysteresis check
  • Characterization, Linearization
  • Cross correlation analysis
  • Power spectral density
  • Statistical analysis
  • ISO 9000 and reporting
  • Exercises


Day 3: Using ExperTune efficiently

Steps to tune a loop

  • Bump sizes, preliminaries, operator cooperation
  • Setpoint changes in both directions
  • Bump tests to check hysteresis, stiction, linearity
  • Loop analysis, design, 4 rules of 3
  • Exercises

Analyzing the data from a test in automatic mode

  • How to detect hysteresis, stiction, high process gain
  • How to detect bad tuning parameters
  • Exercises
  • Tips and tricks

Analyzing control loops using ExperTune tools

  • Hysteresis, noise and process gain check
  • Stiction test
  • Characterization, Linearization
  • Statistical analysis, Power spectrum
  • Exercises

Scan time

  • Aliasing
  • ExperTune and scan time to acquire data

Exercise: real cases, self regulating and integrating processes

  • Analyzing the data
  • Editing the data
  • Tuning the loop to quickly remove disturbances
  • Robustness analysis


  • ExperTune report
  • Adding items to report

Tuning multi loops system

  • Tuning interactive loops
  • Synchronizing loops
  • Tuning a cascade system
  • Exercises


  • Tuning methods comparison
  • Time to tune loops
  • Robustness and performance
  • Practical rules, tips and tricks
  • Process control and economics

Software Used

  • ExperTune (latest version)
All training is presented by: ExperTune's Official Training Partners. Our partners are highly trained and have extensive field experience. The average instructor has over 20 years' experience in process control.

"Instructor was expert in theory and fieldwork, which is seldom seen." I&C Training, Entergy

"Great class & well worth the $ ... Discussion of real life problems & seeing real life data." Process Engineer, Armstrong World

"One of the best instructor's I've seen." PC&E technician, Boise

"Very good course," Manager Internal Training, Siemens

"It was a very useful training that covered the practical aspect of control theory," Validation Engineer, Merck, Sharp & Dohme

"This time Process Control theoretical principles really got a practical sense!" Controls & Computer Validation Engineer, Merck & Co.

"This course was very well done in all aspects," Systems Technician, Placid Refining

"Very good course, it is a well balance between theory and practice," Control Engineer, ECOPETROL - ICP

"I would highly recommend this course to anybody in the process industry," Instrument Tech, Terra Nova

"Excellent Course - Great Instructor. Covered material & reviewed course Materials very well. Good Text Books - Covered Basics to greater Details. I Have no Complaints. Would like to attend Troubleshooting course sometime later," Process Optimization Specialist, Weyerhaeuser

"I feel that the info will pay for course with first solution," Control System Engineer, Weyerhaeuser

"I learned a considerable amount regarding loop tuning and control in general," Process Controls Eng., Abitibi Consolidated Inc.

"I plan to utilize what I have learned from Top Control and combine that with the power of ExperTune to help place our process back on track. I am always looking for ways to save a penny and this should save a lot of money by increasing the performance of our loops," Process control engineer, Cargill Inc.

"This training made me realize just how important it is to do a preventive analysis on loops in order to avoid working in the dark and to optimize the work of our technicians," Supervisor Electricity/Instrumentation, Kruger Inc.

"An excellent class that tied all the basics of PID tuning together. I had all the tools, software and great controllers, but I wasn't necessarily using them properly. Now I will," Engineer, Bicron

"Usually a class like this isn't extremely useful, but this class is the exception. One of the few classes I truly enjoyed," Process Control Engineer, Noltex

"I learned a lot and really found the course to be helpful. Abbott labs will benefit tremendously from this class," Utilities,Abbott Labs

"Very good class for a very good piece of software," Control's Designer, IBM

"Overall good class," Control Engineer, Designer, IBM

"The course content was directed to the concerns and areas of interest of the attendees. Analysis of actual in-house processes was included during the training," Engineer, VLOC

"George did an excellent job relating crystal growth to the PID tuning with ExperTune. I learned a lot and can find this product/course quite useful to further developing my laboratory," Production Growth Engineer, VLOC

"It is an excellent course," Chief Engineer, Yokogawa Corp of America

"I thought this course was very informative with a lot of useful information. I look forward to the advanced course," Operations, Air Products

"I found this class to be extremely practical and useful. It had a good combination of theory and empirical information. We had several of our top process controls guys in this class and you really showed your expertise," Lead Project Engineer, Siemens

"Very good course. Info. was related very well. An excellent time saving tool," Instr. Tech, Petro-Canada

"This was the best exposure/training I have attended in terms of practical application. The best value added I have attended in many years," Inst. Tech. (FPSO), Petro-Canada.

"Excellent course - very interesting & bound to be one of the best & most widely used tool on the Terra Nova FPSO," Instrumentation - Ops, Terra Nova Alliance

"Excellent course & would be of value to me during my job. Would like to take a course on the optimization of the plant utilizing this tool," Process Engineer, Petro-Canada

"A great overview of both ExperTune Software and tuning (PID) loops. I'm excited to get back and get more performance & less wear out of my process," Consulting Engineer, Johnson Polymer

"This has been the best course involving tuning and process control that I have taken. The software and knowledge will be able to be applied at the smelter in a practical approach to achieve better control. I would recommend this course to anyone who works in a plant and has to tune loops," Senior Process Control Engineer, Kennecott Utah Copper

"Learned a lot in a small amount of time. Many light bulbs came on during class," Regional Engineer, Sanitary Water Group

"Very pleased with course content and practical application," Senior Project Engineer, Johns Manville

"The course gave me a lot of insight and strategies to attack tuning issues in our plant." Instrumentation Tech, Weyerhaeuser Company

"Excellent class with a very knowledgeable and excellent instructor and a very good product." Process Control , Wellman Inc

"This class has a very high gain!!" Control Systems Engineer, Kennecott Utah Copper

"I really enjoyed this class. As someone who recently purchased ExperTune, this class has taught me good optimization techniques that will help me in getting the most out of our investment. Without this class, I'm sure I would have under utilized the software. Thanks for setting this up!" Staff Electrical Engineer, Armstrong World Industries, Inc.

"The software is a very powerful and valuable tool. The training compliments the software and greatly increases the overall value. The training is enhanced by the fact that TOP Control field experts provide the instruction and give real-life examples and understand the issues that the students are faced with." Process Control, Wellman, Inc

"Excellent course with tons of practical application for any plant!" Senior Engineer, Johnson Polymer

"Very good course. Instructor has field experience and teaching experience and conveys information very well with real life examples." Control Systems Engineer, Precision Engineering

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