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Plant Performance Improvement with PlantTriage®

Presented at locations around the world by ExperTune's Training Partners.

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This is a modular training course. Depending on your role, and your expected use of PlantTriage, you may choose to attend 1 day only, or extend your learning by attending up to 4 days.

PlantTriage is ExperTune's plant-wide Performance Supervision System that monitors an entire plant 24 hours a day, pinpointing opportunities for performance improvement. We are now offering a course covering all aspects of this application to help you get the most out of it. The course has been designed to appeal to anyone involved in improving process performance including Managers, Supervisors, Engineers, and Technicians. As such this is a flexible course allowing you to choose those topics of most interest to you. The course runs over four days with only day one being compulsory.

Day 1—Performance Supervision with PlantTriage

  • What is Performance Supervision? Why do it? Basic Concepts
  • Unique Features of PlantTriage
    • Oscillation detection & root cause
    • Active Model Capture Technology
  • Problem-Solvers & Standard Dashboards
  • Customizing your PlantTriage
    • Scheduling reports
    • Customizing reports
    • Customizing dashboards
  • Process Interaction Mapping
  • Additional PlantTriage Options
  • Documenting the Value
  • Case studies and examples

Day 2/3—PID Loop Optimization with PlantTriage

  • PID Control
    • The limitations of Proportional-Only Control
    • The benefits of Integral action
    • The benefits of derivative action and when to use it
  • Process Dynamics
    • Self-Regulating Processes
    • Integrating Processes
    • Common Process Models
  • Loop Tuning
    • Model-based tuning and its limitations
    • Loop tuning with PlantTriage
  • Robustness or Performance?
  • You cannot control what you cannot measure
    • Avoiding common measurement problems
    • Aliasing
    • Filtering
  • Control Valves
    • Valve Sizing
    • Non-Linearity
    • Hysteresis
    • Stiction
  • Unique Features of PlantTriage
    • Oscillation detection & root cause
    • Active Model Capture Technology
  • Performance Indices
    • Variability, Variance, IAE
    • Harris Index
    • Valve travel, valve reversal, valve at limit
    • Time in normal mode, number of mode changes
    • Process model changes
  • Calculating the value
    • Opportunity Gap
    • Energy reduction from oscillation reduction
    • Sample calculations
  • Work Flow with Action Tickets
  • Custom Calculations using Equation Builder

Day 4 —Administration of PlantTriage

  • The Browser Interface
    • Logging on
    • The PlantTriage Home Page
    • Adding Users
    • Biggest payback loops
    • Customizing My loop list
    • Managing PlantTriage
  • The Engineering Interface
    • Administrative tools
    • Loop Properties
    • Unit operations manager
    • Recent and long-term data trends
    • Performance trends
  • Customizing the web browser
    • Reports
    • Dashboards
    • Alerts
  • Assessments
    • What are they?
    • Pre-configured assessments
    • Defining your own assessments
    • Selecting assessments
  • Baselines and thresholds

* The cost includes a course book, tea/coffee and lunch. For days 2 to 4, each person will need to bring a portable PC (Windows XP, or Later) making sure that they have the security rights to join a training network domain for the duration of the course. Portable PCs can be hired on request for the duration of the course.


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