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Seminar on Performance Assessment Techniques

Presented at locations around the world by ExperTune’s Training Partners.
A general process control class. This is not a class on how to use ExperTune.

Class Schedule

#SE-120-2E, Duration: 2 days


In a typical plant, over 75% of assets are tied to control systems. Performance monitoring results in a steady and continuous improvement in the product quality, cost reduction, throughput, and waste reduction in process plants. Tracking the performance, determining plant or unit health becomes essential. Also, directing your resources in the areas of the plant where they are really needed will directly have an impact on the costs. Performance monitoring identifies the areas in your plant where the greatest economic gains are possible.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone concerned with the performance of processes or control loops. Instrumentation technicians, and supervisors, production managers, process, electrical, and project engineers. Management can also appreciate the importance of loop tuning and the new tools available to achieve objectives of today and meet the challenges of tomorrow.

This seminar will allow you to define what are the KPI (key performance indices) for the different areas in your plant. You will learn about most common performance indicators, how to benchmark your process, how to identify process and equipment problems, how to pinpoint operation problems…


Day 1: Process control

  • Introduction
    • Performance for management, engineering, operation…
    • Most common performance index
    • Performance metrics
    • Performance for maintenance, operation, equipment…
    • Performance index
    • Variability, variance, standard deviation
    • IAE, average error,
    • Harris Index, minimum variance control
    • Valve travel, valve reversal, valve at limit
    • Time in normal mode, number of mode changes
    • Process model parameters
    • Oscillation indices
  • Oscillation detection
    • Tools, principles
    • Valve problems
    • Load changes an interaction
    • Tuning problems
    • Tips and Tricks
  • Aggregating performance indices
    • Normalized indices
    • Combining indices
    • Baselines and thresholds
    • Global index for loop health
    • Global index for units and plants
Day 2: Performance assessment
  • Assessment
    • Assessment period
    • Limits, impacts
    • Data presentation
  • Selecting Key Performance Index
    • Which index should be used
    • Combining index
    • Selecting baselines and thresholds
    • Using templates
    • Economic significance
  • Benchmarking
    • Methods
    • Numbers
  • Troubleshooting
    • Worst loops
    • Biggest payback loops
    • Detecting oscillations
    • Drilling down
  • Optimization and control loop analysis tools
    • Process and valve analysis
    • Controller structure and response validation
    • Statistical analysis
    • Time series analysis
    • Power spectral density
    • Performance analysis
    • Process optimization
  • Expected results
    • Performance improvement over time
    • Return on investment
    • Examples in chemical, petrochemical, pulp&paper, others
  • Software integrating these tools
    • Process optimization
    • Performance monitoring

Software used:

ExperTune (latest revision)

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