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ExperTune's Virtual Classroom

Expert training, in the convenience of your office.

ExperTune's Virtual Classroom lets you learn from world-class industry experts, without ever leaving town. ExperTune provides everything you need, including:

ExperTune's Virtual Classroom
  • Training Materials
  • Software
  • Dedicated Learning Environment
  • Live Instructor

Courses Offered

  • Loop Tuning—Basic PID Theory and Practice
  • Dealing with Valve Problems—Hysteresis and Stiction
  • Advanced Loop Tuning—Cascade Control

How it Works

From your home or office, you connect to ExperTune's Virtual Classroom. You will have a dedicated learning environment, with course materials, software, and simulations available to you. Our live instructor will guide you through the lessons, answer your questions, and address issues that are relevant to your specific control problems.

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